Looking for a Practitioner

Here are a few things we have found to be helpful to those seeking a shamanic practitioner.

  • Talk to the practitioner before you go to them. You need to trust this person if you are going to gain from the work. You may want to talk to more than one person to find someone appropriate.
  • In shamanic practice, the spirits decide what work is appropriate and will communicate this to the shamanic practitioner. Try not to take it personally if the practitioner comes back to you and suggests work other than you asked about.
  • Ask the practitioner questions about their experience. Who trained them, and how long have they been practising shamanism? Reputable practitioners will be up front about their experience and training.
  • Payment. In traditional societies healers are seen as highly valued members of their communities and are rewarded with valuable gifts for their work. In our culture many healers charge a monetary fee. If you can’t afford what they are asking you may be able to negotiate a reduction or some sort of exchange.

Core Shamanic Practitioners’ Circle members are all trained, experienced and committed to working in a clear and ethical way. Click here for a list of practitioners.

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