We try to meet as a face-to-face group at least once a year at a venue as convenient as possible for our UK-widely spread members. We also meet-up occasionally online when a member requests this.

Whether in person or online, the spirits are at the centre of our circle and meetings are spirit led. Suggestions on what to work with are put forward by members so the content of each meeting depends on who is present. We try to allow the meetings to be spontaneous, working with what arises. There is the opportunity to bring practitioner and teaching issues to the group and get input from our peers and the spirits. There is also opportunity to share personal practices, how we work with clients and the spirits, and to ask the spirits for their insights and advice. At each meeting there is a healing circle and ceremony, the form of which arises during our time together.

The spirits are at the centre of our circle. We remember this before anything else:

let our hearts be open to the spirits

let our hearts be joyful with the spirits

let our hearts be filled with the wonder of the spirits.

Where conflict arises we consult the spirits before we consult each other using the instruments of the shaman – song, dance, journey, rattle and drums.

We work with the following circle intentions during our meetings:

Listening from the heart

We listen with enough attention to see and feel the other person’s point of view. We listen without judgement, with compassion and openness, willing to learn and change. We align ourselves with our hearts and let our heart-speak flow.

Speaking from the heart

Simply speak simply. Having listened from the heart, speak from an open heart. Speak the truth as your perceive it, without preconceptions without pretence.

Lean with words

When we listen and speak from the heart and we speak only the words which need to be heard harmony flows.


Each person’s offerings to the group are precious gifts and are treated with reverence. The group does not breach confidentiality in any way either between each other or within the group as a whole. To do so is to damage us all.

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