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Shenoah Taylor

I have been working with shamanism as a spiritual path since 1990. It has helped me to be in the world in a more present, fulfilled and focussed way and with the help of the spirits I support others to find their own way to empowerment, connection and healing. I have studied with many inspirational shamanic teachers including Jonathan Horwitz, Annette Host, Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, Myron Eshowsky and Daan Van Kampenhout.

Within my work I offer many aspects of shamanism including shamanic healing, shamanic counselling, journeying skills, power and soul retrieval, extraction, compassionate deposession, curse unravelling, death and life work (sometimes called psychopomp work), blessings, journeys for others, distance work, ceremonies, groups, and seidr (working with staff and song). I have a strong relationship with shamanic song which is used in much of my work. I also teach introductory and advanced


Telephone: 07941 544961


Julia Crabtree

I have been working with shamanism as a spiritual practice for more than 10 years.  I feel it has helped me  achieve a better balance in my life and to stay connected to my power even in more difficult times.

My interests lie in  shamanic counselling, in teaching others the shamanic journey and in shamanic healing work, including soul retrieval.

I love the fact that we work in partnership with our spirit friends, teachers and helpers.  When we ask for and receive help it is vital that we then play our part in making use of what we are given, accepting responsibility for our own wellbeing and development, both physical and spiritual.


web site:

Telephone: 07976 946176



Macca McCabe

I have been following my shamanic path for the last 25 years,doing most of my training with Jonathan Horwitz. In that time I have been fortunate to have met and worked with Native American and Mongolian Shamans in their respective homelands. I work with the spirits and the knowledge that all is connected. I offer shamanic healing,including soul and power retrieval.


Telephone 01606 784018


LLyngwril, Gwynedd

Christine Mark

Shamans hold balance and connection between our “ordinary” reality world and the worlds of the spirits. I attempt to help hold that balance,too. I offer the shamanic skills of power and soul retrieval,extraction work,which includes the removal of pent up emotions;and I am often asked to work with the souls of the dead;sometimes called psychopomping. I am a shamanic counsellor. Much of my work is with land spirits,which often takes the form of working with unhappy spirits found in houses,offices,shops and also in gardens and in other places outside of buildings,such as woods,mountains and streams. I see clients for healing work,for one to one work and I also teach small groups. With my partner,Jane Shutt,author of the book “The Spirits are Always with Me” we run workshops from our home. We are also available to give talks.

Telephone: 01341 250807


Viv Chamberlin-Kidd

I first discovered shamanism in 2010 having been lent Jane Shutt’s book The Spirits are Always with Me. Part way through the book I contacted Jane to arrange seeing her for  some healing and soon after my session with her I started my shamanic training with her and Christine Mark. Since finishing my Shamanic Practitioner training in 2014, I have been seeing clients offering healing, power retrievals, soul retrievals and shamanic counselling. I also conduct shamanically-inspired Guided Picture in the Stone (GPS) sessions that wonderfully creative sessions that can help provide clarity if you feel stuck or blocked.




Jennifer Brown

I have been a Shamanic Practitioner since 2001. Most of my training has been with the North Yorkshire Shamanic Centre and I remain committed to ongoing training and self-development. I believe everything is sacred and connected to the Cosmic Web.

Working closely with my spirit helpers I can offer power retrieval,soul retrieval,energy re-alignment, extraction work,and psychopomping. Whilst a lot of my clients are people, my particular speciality remains working with animals. Where necessary distance work can be undertaken.

Telephone:01653 658520


Jean North

I have been a practitioner since 2002; I have done most of my training with the North Yorkshire Shamanic Centre. I create spirit led art including paintings and sculpture. Working with my spirits, I offer personal and environmental healing including, extractions, power retrievals, soul retrievals and house spirit issues. I also offer occasional workshops and divination.




Location: Manningtree

Julia Elliott

I have been a shamanic practitioner since 1997 and offer the following:

One-to-one teaching for beginners, and continuing personal development for those already on a shamanic path. I also offer life-path guidance using shamanic techniques for people wanting to achieve and understand their potential.

My healing work, including soul retrieval, is help for mind, body and spirit, often after overwhelming spiritual experience, life trauma or individual crisis Your healing may also include past life enquiry, Inter-generational trauma work, ancestral soul-work / ‘unfinished business’.

I am always in touch with my spirit helpers and whenever appropriate am happy to use my shamanic knowledge and skills to help, advise and guide others in their search for direction and purpose.

I have experience of many aspects of shamanic work, and offer help to people of all faiths and cultures. I am dedicated to teaching and mentoring and am passionate about empowering people to enter smoothly into the next stage of their physical or spiritual lives.

Please visit my 3 Rivers Shamanism website for more information about me, my teachers, and detail about shamanic ways and means.



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