Membership Criteria

  • be working in core shamanism (Harner Method)
    By Core Method we mean – journeying as a primary practice using intention, tripartite cosmos, using personal relationship with spirits.
  • be experienced and working deeply with the spirits, have been trained in core shamanism up to a level that includes Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Psychopomping and ideally Shamanic Counselling.
  • be working with and on behalf of others be they people, animals, spirits of the land,either part time or full time for some sort of exchange (money or some other arrangement)
  • be in regular contact with others working shamanically.
  • have an on-going, personal,shamanic spiritual practice.
  • be working on your own issues and self-development, ideally with another shamanic practitioner.
  • it be at least two years since your introductory course in core shamanism.
  • attend as a participant at least one of the following each year,a shamanic course,shamanic counselling or regular attendance of a journey group which will be shared at meetings.
  • attend at least one meeting annually.
  • to pay the membership fee.

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