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The following are not necessarily ‘core’ shamanism but have been found to be of interest to members


Spirit Talk –online magazine at
Sacred Hoop –
Shamans Drum –Shaman’s Drum –


Sandra Ingerman – Shamanic Journeying for Beginners (includes a drumming CD)
Michael Harner – The way of the Shaman
Jane Shutt – The Spirits are Always With Me
Jan Wood – Easy to Use Shamanism
Sandra Ingerman – Soul Retrieval
Leo Rutherford –Principles of Shamanism
Mercia Eliade – Shamanism:- Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy
Piers Vitebsky – Shaman
Nick Wood – Voices from the Earth

Teaching Organisations

Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies –
Cader Idris Shamanic Centre –
Foundation for Shamanic Studies –
Silver Birch Centre –
Ancient Healing Ways –
Shamanic Voices –

Members websites

Jane Shutt and Christine Mark’s website –
Shenoah Taylor’s website –
Jean North’s website –
Julia Elliott’s website –
Julia Crabtree’s website –

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Ongoing Drumming Circles

Although sometimes called drumming groups, these are shamanic journeying groups.
London Open Drumming Group –
N.E Essex and Sufffolk Drumming group –
Virtual and In-person Journey circles –

For more contacts look in Sacred Hoop Magazine or the Shamanic Circles web site that contains information on groups that meet throughout the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

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