Shamanic Counselling

Shamanic counselling is for both those who have already learnt to journey on an introductory core shamanic course and those who are not yet able to journey. Shamanic Counselling differs from most types of counselling in that the client goes directly to the spirits for help. The spirits are our true counsellors.

Shamanic counselling enables us to find the source of, and solution to, the challenges and difficulties which we all face from time to time. It brings us personal empowerment, wisdom and healing, while the shamanic journey enhances our relationship with the spirits to help us along our path in this life.

If the client has not yet learnt to do a shamanic journey the shamanic counsellor teaches them to journey so they can meet their own spirit teachers and helpers. By journeying the client seeks, directly from their spirits, help that may include personal healing, advice on life changes, decision making, problem solving, spiritual development and much more. Shamanic counsellors also help clients to understand and cope better with life issues such as bereavement, relationships, depression, and emotional issues.

The Shamanic Counsellor helps the client to formulate the intention for the journey. The client learns to speak their journey out loud, so that it can be discussed afterwards with the counsellor. The counsellor does not interpret the journey, but uses his or her knowledge and experience of the shamanic process to ask careful questions which allow the client to understand what has been experienced in a deeper and more meaningful way.

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